• This is a unique and original design set of the KHOISAN people from Southern Africa that are the aboriginal inhabitants of Southern Africa.  The desigsn depict their traditional Hunter Gather lifestyle.

  • 11 Designs

  • All these designs were embroidered and tested for any defects.  

  • All these designs were designed to fit the artista hoop 130x100 and oval 255x145 oval.

  • Designs can be combined to form unique scene like the example below.

All the designs are embroided and tested for any defects before being released and are available for IMMEDIATE download below.

Koi San Children: Stitches 15811 Colours 4 Height 77.0mm Width 91.4mm

Koi San Hunter 2: Stitches 9814 Colours 5 Height 92.6mm Width 94.7mm

Koi San Dancer: Stitches 9821 Colours 8 Height 108.1mm Width 59.1mm

Woman . : Stitches 12963 Colours 8 Height 68.4mm Width 90.8mm

Koi San girl and Baby: Stitches 11813 Colours 3 Height 84.3mm Width 64.8mm

Koi San Hunter 1: Stitches 9411 Colours 4 Height 108.0mm width 70.4mm

Koi San Hunter 3: Stitches 9322 Colours 4 Height 107.6mm Width 63.2mm


Koi San Hunter 4: Stitches 12134 Colours 6 Height 105.0mm Width 70.4mm

Koi San Hut: Stitches 12782 Colours 4 Height 58.3mm Width 69.2mm

Woman with Ostrich Egg: Stitches 10936 Colours 5 Height 84.4mm Width 92.8mm

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