Welcome to EmbroideryDesignsArt.com My Name is Wilma and I am a machine embroidery designer living in sunny South Africa.

I create unique, quality and original embroidery designs for machine embroidery and make them available here on the website.  Each set is tested and embroided before it is released.    I now also offer custom quality embroidery digitizing, so please feel free to contact me.

I often add new items, so please check back again regularly for new designs.

Embroidery is a fascinating hobby. It allows people to show their creativity and helps them become productive. This craft has been evolving that right now, you will see quite a number of embroidery designs. You may think that embroidery designs are all the same but there are really various types. If you are new to this, you may find it difficult to see the difference between the types but as you become familiar with it, you will find it easy to differentiate them.

One of the most popular types of design for embroidery is that for clothing. These are easy to find as they are available almost anywhere. You can find them in shops that sell embroidery designs and materials, or you can also find them over the internet. Embroidery designs for clothing include those for trousers, those for children's clothes, those for men's wear, for women's wear, and for fashion purposes among many others.

And then there are also the designs for household garments. These are usually very intricate and use a variety of colors. They can be found on your mats, carpets, and sheets. You may not have thought of them as embroidery designs but they really are.

Logos are also a kind of embroidery design. Of course, these are the logos that are used on shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, and other types of garments. These are more precise and are made by professionals. When recreating the logo, people have to be very careful because all factors of the logo embroidery design are significant.

If you have probably noticed, there are also embroidered designs on lots of apparel like caps, gloves, shoes, and bags. Aside of course, from the logo of the company which is usually found on these items, there is also usually a design. Sometimes, the design is not just for a specific company or brand. You can have your own embroidery design made for such.

Now if you are thinking about doing embroidery, you can find which designs will suit you first. However, for beginners, make sure that you try out the smaller ones first. That will be a good starting point. Something that is less than five inches tall or wide is okay. Also remember that you do not have to put your design right smack in the middle. You can also place them somewhere on the side. This makes your garment or apparel even more interesting to look at.

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